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14 Feb 2016

Ep #97: A Fun and Informative Approach to Health Care Education – With Al Lewis

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Our special guest on today’s episode of the ShiftShapers podcast is Al Lewis. Al is a serial entrepreneur, author, renaissance man, and the CEO of Quizzify. Quizzify is a health care education app that teaches employees how to buy and use healthcare (literally through fun and games), making them smarter consumers and, over time, spend less money on things that will not benefit them… or may even harm them.

Al joins us to share his interesting journey, which began at Harvard Law School, that led to the creation of Quizzify. In this interesting and engaging conversation, we discuss current health care literacy issues and Al’s unique approach to solving those problems. We cover how Quizzify integrates with companies’ wellness programs and what those employer conversations look like.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why Google thinks Al invented Disease Management.
  • How we can increase health care literacy.
  • How to engage employees in learning more.
  • The difference between wellness and wellbeing.
  • Why some CAT scan patients may glow in the dark.

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