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07 Dec 2014

Ep #35: Help Employers Turn ACA Changes Into A Competitive Advantage – With Craig Scurato

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On this episode of ShiftShapers podcast, we welcome Craig Scurato, founder and managing member at Simplifi Benefits. Post ACA, Craig has crafted some tools and techniques that make the process of writing group insurance a lot less painful for employers. Included in his strategy is a unique approach to crafting and deploying direct pay primary care networks by working with physicians eager to find new practice models themselves.

Coupled with educating employers and employees about the benefits of using a health care allowance (Section 213(d) of IRC) and providing a comfortable environment with decision support and other tools, Craig has crafted an interesting and scalable model. Listen to learn more about Craig’s unique perspective and initiatives for helping employers turn ACA changes into a competitive advantage.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Craig’s background.
  • His interaction with Dr. Erika Bliss of Qliance (see Episode 26).
  • How and why physicians are adopting the DPPC model.
  • Why integrating DPPC with traditional offerings creates value for clients.
  • How other benefit advisors can use this approach.

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