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31 Aug 2014

Ep #21: Helping Clients Eliminate Billing Headaches – With Eric Raymond

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This week, we are talking to Eric Raymond, co-founder of BenefitVault. Reconciling and paying bills for benefit arrays with a multitude of carrier bills creates a huge hassle for employers and HR departments.  The post-ACA emphasis on voluntary and non-insurance benefits has exacerbated an already nettlesome problem.

BenefitVault shaped that shift into a simple and elegant solution that advisors can provide to alleviate this problem – and the objections that come from proposing a multi-carrier benefit array.

We invited Eric to talk about the trends that are changing the world of benefits and how BenefitVault was able to help advisors and their clients adjust to these changes.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How PPACA has exacerbated a problem employers have struggled with for years.
  • How brokers position this service as a value-added program.
  • Why HR departments find this new service helpful.
  • How a simple, one-time change in payroll shapes a simpler and more elegant solution for carrier reconciliation and payment.

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