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15 Feb 2015

Ep #45: How To Increase Revenue and Client Satisfaction – With Julian Lago

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For many advisors, revenue is down and client expectations are up. The good news is that there are creative ways to become more productive while also delivering a higher level of service to your clients.

On this episode of ShiftShapers Podcast, we invited Julian Lago, Sr. VP of CareOne Advocates to discuss those post-ACA dual challenges. As Regional VP for NAHU, Julian travels extensively and hears first-hand the issues facing advisors in today’s lower-commission environment. Everyone is trying to do more with less. In this interview, he shares some of his observations about those conversations and chats about new opportunities for advisors to solve some of the challenges they are facing.

You will learn how to continue to differentiate your agency with employers and employees with ever-increasing service level expectations. We also discuss the importance of seeking out white-label solutions that help you to extend your brand.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why yesterday’s differentiator is today’s “table stakes.”
  • What types of problems clients are asking advisors to help with.
  • How to maximize your selling time and still deliver outstanding employee services.
  • How outsourcing is coming on line.
  • Why advisors want a white-label solution.

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