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27 Jul 2014

Ep #16: How To Make Your Agency A Feared Competitor – With Kevin Trokey

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Today, Kevin Trokey joins us on the program.  Kevin is a founding partner of Q4Intelligence, a consulting firm dedicated to removing the barriers that keep independent benefits and insurance agencies from reaching their full potential and becoming feared competitors.

Kevin reveals how his extensive experience as a broker and a principal helped him develop the firm’s unique approach.  Tune is as Kevin outlines his company’s solution-based selling system that changes the agency model.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Kevin’s prior experience as an agency principal helped him to develop his transformational methodology.
  • What Charles Dickens has to do with agency transformation.
  • The unintended consequences of traditional agency management.
  • The barriers that keep agencies from taking control of their business.
  • How Q4Intelligence separating the product and the consultative stages of the process.

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