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21 Jun 2015

Ep #63: Is Today’s System Like Organized Crime? – With Hobson Carroll

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We try to include a lot of different voices on the ShiftShapers podcast, and we have been missing an actuary’s perspective.  Our guest on this episode, Hobson Carroll, is the president of the Medrisk Actuarial Services. As you guessed from the headline, Hobson is a bit unorthodox and creative, but that is what makes him an intriguing and provocative thought leader in the industry – and a great podcast guest!

Hobson joins us today to explain why he describes a part of the current system as “organized crime” and why networks are like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. He also shares his views on self funding, reference-based pricing and transparency in the marketplace. We will explore strategies that you can use to help your clients navigate  the current healthcare system.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why today’s insurance system is like organized crime.
  • Why precision in language is critically important.
  • Whether self-insurance is viable for small employers.
  • What networks have in common with “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”
  • What’s coming in the near-term.

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