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19 Oct 2020

Ep #332: Is Your WFH Technology At Risk? – With Charles Henson

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Charles Henson, Managing Partner of Nashville Computer. Working from home can be a perilous electronic journey, especially for those of us without technical teams available. Charles and David discuss the prevalence of cybercrime and what you and your family can do to create a more secure computing environment and how to keep your information off the dark web.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 06:20 Password hygiene: Why you need to do it
  • 08:19 Managing passwords: LastPass and 1Password
  • 14:56 For parents: Learn about location services and the dark web
  • 20:49 Special offer by Nashville Computer for ShiftShapers listeners


04:02 “All of these are devices that can be penetrated and accessed remotely if they are not secure.”

07:25 “If that password is compromised, you have to go change it in one place and the hacker can only get into it at that one place not everywhere that you’re using it.”

13:37 “That camera, if it was just plugged up and they left the username and password as a default, then they were online on that website.”

16:54 “If I were stalking someone, I could totally use that app to stalk somebody, to see exactly where their location is, and see where they live on the map.”

19:16 “It is an anonymous marketplace but for today, you can go there and you can buy drugs. You can have them mailed to your house. You can buy social security cards. You can buy stolen credit cards.”

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