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14 Sep 2014

Ep #23: Keeping Medical Care Between a Patient and Doctor – With Gustav & Eric Hoyer

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This week we are speaking with Gustav and Eric Hoyer, brothers who have created a start up named after the ancient Roman physician Galen of Pergamon. Galen is a start-up organization whose goal is to empower individual consumers to find quality medical care within certain pricing restraints.

I invited Gustav and Eric to talk about how the shift in the delivery of healthcare (progressively less personal and compassionate), and how their model facilitates providers in granting substantial discounts to patients. Listen in to learn about this innovative way of healthcare delivery in the new environment of larger overall out-of-pocket costs.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How a confusing and convoluted payment system with multiple players lent itself to a more simple, straightforward model for consumers.
  • How it helps patients to price shop.
  • What the range of price variation is in the marketplace today.
  • The company’s plans to create a nationwide footprint.
  • How benefit advisors have the price conversation with prospects and clients.
  • How brokerages might benefit from Galen’s service.

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