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23 Nov 2014

Ep #33: A More Authentic Approach to Group Benefits – With Mindy Lamont

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ShiftShapersCoverArtOur guest on the program today is Mindy Lamont, the creator and founder of The Insurist. The Insurist, as Mindy calls it, is a down-to-earth approach to insurance and employee benefits.

After her 14-year career in one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Mindy decided to walk away from the big corporate life and start her own insurance business, selling to groups online. Her more authentic and irreverent approach attracts a diverse crowd of clients, making The Insurist a thriving online company.

I invited Mindy to share her inspiring journey of becoming an independent broker as well as her unique approach to insurance. Find out how she was able to successfully evolve The Insurist from an online term life company to a successful group benefits advisor using old-world agency management techniques coupled with new-world technology.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Mindy got into insurance market.
  • Why she left corporate America to start an “internet project.”
  • How she branched out from term life to a wider array of benefits.
  • Mindy’s unique approach to benefits.
  • Her upcoming insurance projects.

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