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06 Sep 2015

Ep #74: New Opportunities in Previously Uninsured Group Markets – With Bob Gardner

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More so today than at any time in the past, benefit advisors are looking for new markets to serve. In this episode, we discuss some non-traditional markets that may be new to many of our listeners and we discuss the techniques that resonate in those markets. There’s no better person to talk about this topic than our guest, Bob Gardner, the National  Business Development Coordinator of Freedom Care Benefits.

We invited Bob to talk about the new opportunities and imperatives in previously uninsured group markets and what advisors need to know to be able to capitalize on those opportunities. In this conversation, we define these traditionally uninsured market segments and discuss the reasons why advisors should consider serving them. Don’t miss this important episode that will surely open your eyes to some new and interesting possibilities.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What these traditionally uninsured markets are.
  • What has made them a new priority.
  • Interesting ways to solve problems while mitigating costs.
  • Whether traditional group carriers participate in these markets.
  • What the advisor/client conversation looks like.

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