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02 Nov 2014

Ep #30: New Strategies To Keep Employees Educated, Empowered and Energized – With Phil Wilkins

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Today, we are very pleased to speak with Phil Wilkins, director of Partner Development at GuideSpark. Phil is an expert on the subject of modern communication strategies and he shares his thoughts on new strategies to communicate important benefit concepts to employees.

In this era of communication immediacy, multimedia strategies have begun to replace paper booklets and often, enrollment meetings. More than three quarters of all Internet users today engage with videos as a means of learning. Tune in to learn about using these new tools to create emotional connections that engage today’s employees.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why employee engagement is so important.
  • Whether paper is now a dead medium for communicating with employees.
  • The importance of making an emotional connection with employees.
  • How to deliver engaging content on the device an employee chooses.
  • How benefits advisers can use this information to differentiate themselves in today’s market.

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