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05 Jul 2015

Ep #65: What You Need To Know To Position Self Insurance – With Jay Kempton

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Jay Kempton, president & CEO of The Kempton Group has been described as “the personification of a disruptive force in the self funded world.” In our wide ranging discussion, Jay talks about everything from what buying a truck would be like if we applied today’s insurance purchasing rules to why Health Savings Accounts aren’t a real long-term solution.

We also explore the gap between the insurance provider and the consumer of the health goods and services, how it has grown over the years and how it has affected buying decisions. Jay also shares his views about how PPACA has strengthened TPAs and increased interest in self insurance. Whether you are currently discussing self insurance concepts with your clients, or you are new to helping employers become insurance owners rather than insurance buyers, you won’t want to miss this episode.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How the Kempton Group was founded.
  • How to help employers go from insurance buyers to insurance owners.
  • How the “distance” between provider and patient has distorted buying decisions.
  • Despite early concerns, PPACA has accelerated self insurance and strengthened TPAs.
  • Why HSAs are not really a long-term solution to creating consumers.
  • Whether patients are beginning to wake up and demand up-front pricing and quality metrics.

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