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12 Jul 2015

Ep #66: Stand Out By Personalizing Your Marketing – With Barbara Saxton

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From social media to video email marketing, one of the common themes we heard a lot of folks talking about at the recent National Association of Health Underwriters Convention was the need for better, more efficient and effective communication. One of the presenters from the convention, Barbara Saxton, CEO of Smart Choices, joins us on this episode to talk about the class she taught on that topic.

On this episode of ShiftShapers, Barabara explains the concept of personalized marketing and how it can help brokers differentiate their service and increase client retention. She shares her concept of the “5 Cs” of Communication which will help you to craft a message that resonates with your prospects and clients. We also explore using different communication strategies, tools and techniques you can use to stand out by personalizing your marketing.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The importance of having a culture within organizations.
  • How “personalized marketing” is unique.
  • How to transform our communications strategies.
  • The “5 Cs” of Communication.
  • Social media vs. social proof.
  • How you can use video email marketing to build more personal connections.

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