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10 Aug 2014

Ep #18: A Physician’s Personal Story Shapes a Transparency Initiative – With Jeff Rice

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ShiftShapersCoverArt This week on the Shiftshapers Podcast, we are talking to Dr. Jeff Rice, the CEO of Healthcare Bluebook. Dr. Rice is a physician and attorney who was Director of Managed Care for Duke University and CEO and president of a large health plan created by New York Life and Duke University before starting Healthcare Bluebook.

Listen in as Dr. Rice shares the story of how a very personal interaction with the system was the shift that him shape a company that provides a practical, simple-to-use tool designed to help patients know how much things should cost and help them find affordable healthcare as well as connect connect them with providers. Learn how Healthcare Bluebook helps patients navigate the system at the population level and aids them in obtaining quality cost-effective care.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How how Dr. Rice’s personal experience with the medical system helped him to envision the shift that was necessary, and how to shape it.
  • The new technologies Healthcare Bluebook uses to make the service accessible to a larger audience.
  • How Healthcare Bluebook’s website serves the public with a subset of information and tools available to their clients.
  • Why the company’s focus is always on the end user, the patient.
  • What steps Jeff sees necessary to change consumer purchasing behaviors.
  • Why he believes the future holds even more transparency around price and quality.

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