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31 Jan 2016

Ep #95: What Benefits Advisors Need to Know about the Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Health Care – With Jessica Waltman

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On this episode of ShiftShapers, we’re pleased to welcome  Jessica Waltman, Principal at Forward Health Consulting, back to the program. At the present time, Jessica is the only guest that comes on quarterly because the regulatory, legislative, and political world of Washington D.C. that she works in changes quite often.

Jessica joins us to share her insights and unparalleled knowledge of what’s going on in Washington this election season. In this engaging conversation, we talk about what Jessica sees in the political future, where the presidential candidates stand on health care, and discuss the best and worst scenarios that benefit advisors might expect. Don’t miss this insightful episode!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The Democratic candidates’ positions on health care.
  • Whether the candidates who are Governors more focused on entitlement reform.
  • Where they stand on transparency.
  • Where the Republican candidates stand.
  • Whether the Democrats are actually a better long-term play with respect to employer-based insurance.

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