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15 Mar 2015

Ep #49: The Intersection of Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits – With Frank Pennachio

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Today, we discuss the crossover between the often separate worlds of property and casualty and employee benefits. Our guest Frank Pennachio is partner & co-founder of Oceanus Partners. Frank believes that the overlap in these two areas provides some challenges for employers and opportunities for advisors who can bridge the gap.

In this wide-ranging discussion, we begin by exploring workers compand they key for advisors to understand how to maintain eligibility during a claim. We also cover other federal laws such as FMLA, and how advisors can help to identify significant and completely avoidable risk to clients.

We also talk about the new discoveries in neuroscience and how they relate to the ability of advisors to create new sales channels and the strategies to fully profit from them.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The crossover areas between property & casualty and employee benefits.
  • Significant and avoidable risks and threats faced by employers
  • The role of neuroscience in sales.
  • New disruptive sales channels.
  • Why ACA is not the driver of change.

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