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22 Mar 2015

Ep #50: Is Reference Based Pricing The Future of Sustainable Health Plans? – With Ryan Day

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Healthcare costs are rising and as we discussed in episode 48, most employers are still using cost shifting as a hedge. Ryan Day, our guest in this episode, believes that a better – and more sustainable – solution is Reference Based Pricing (RBP).  We discuss the growing interest in reference based pricing and how it can put a serious dent in health care costs in the post-ACA environment.

Ryan is the President of H.S. Technology, and a subject matter expert in reference based pricing. We begin with the basics and then explore how this methodology fits in with today’s plans, who it is for, and how advisors can discuss it with clients.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The problem with traditional pricing.
  • What RBP is.
  • Whether all constituencies need to collaborate to make RBP work.
  • Whether RBP is currently a carrier or self-funded tool.
  • The challenges of RBP.
  • The impact of CMS’ data release.

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