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01 Nov 2015

Ep #82: Current Regulatory and Legislative Issues – With Jessica Waltman

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Our ShiftShapers subject matter expert this week is Jessica Waltman. Jessica serves as principal at Forward Health Consulting, which she established after 16 distinguished years as Senior Vice-President of Government Affairs for the National Organization of Health Underwriters.

In this wide-ranging discussion,  Jessica discusses ACA reporting, the need for clients to have up to date plan documents, and the outlook and implications for the “Cadillac Tax”. She believes that all of these, while complex, provide an unparalleled opportunity for benefit advisors.

We also take a look into the future and the political realities in healthcare in the coming months. Since regulation and legislation never seems to end, we are excited to announce that Jessica has agreed to visit with us on a quarterly basis to keep the ShiftShapers audience current.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether regulatory and legislative changes provide opportunities.
  • Whether there is an information vacuum.
  • The number 1 issue that faces employers today.
  • The two things advisors should focus on.
  • The prognosis for the PPACA Excise (a/k/a “Cadillac”) Tax.
  • The ramifications of the recent decision about defining group sizes.

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