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30 Aug 2015

Ep #73: Using Reinsurance for Pharmacy Costs to Mitigate Overall Health Spend – With Crystal Williams

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In the post-ACA environment we have seen intensely increased interest in self insured financing arrangements. Some elements of self-insurance are now making their way out as stand-alone components, and are even being applied to fully-insured plans. Our guest and subject matter expert, Crystal Williams, President of RxReins joins us to discuss reinsuring one of the biggest cost drivers in any plan: pharmacy.

In this episode of The ShiftShapers podcast, Crystal explains the basics of stop loss coverage. We explore strategies and tactics that advisors can use when discussing this cost driver with prospects and clients. Crystal also gives us the carrier’s perspective on this unique strategy as applied to fully-insured plans. This is a novel conversation that will help you to differentiate yourself and deliver value-added intelligence for your clients.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The basics of stop loss coverage.
  • Whether it is unusual to apply stop loss to pharma only.
  • How this can work with fully insured plans.
  • The impact of this type of arrangement.
  • What to benefit advisors need to know to discuss this with their prospects and clients.

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