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12 Dec 2016

Ep #140: Post-election Healthcare Review – With Jessica Waltman – Part 1

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On part one of this special, post-election 2-part edition of the Shift Shapers podcast, we look at the reality of the “Repeal and replace” strategies and tactics being discussed by the new administration and other health care constituencies.

Jessica Waltman, Principal at Forward Health Consulting and our resident expert on all things legislative and regulatory joins us for a two-part wrap-up on how November’s election results will affect the health care and employee benefits universe.  In part 1,  we focus on whether full-scale repeal and replace will happen or if other realities will make large-scale change a more complex and messier process.

For six years, the Republican party has put forward the idea of replacing the ACA and replacing it with a suitable option. With control of the Executive and both houses of Congress, the Republican majority will have an opportunity to make their move. How will HHS Chairman-designate Dr. Tom Price change the debate? Will the House Republican’s plan gain wide acceptance? And how can these changes be effected without disinsuring millions?

There are various schools of thought in play when it comes to making changes to the ACA. Jessica walks us through the opposing viewpoints and discusses the pros and cons of the various proposals. She provides context on just how they will impact consumers, businesses, and advisors alike.

Changing the law will not be a simple process. The ACA is an extensive and complex piece of legislation. Abrupt changes can have unintended consequences that impact health care access, the economy, and potentially the mid-term elections.

Listen in to find out what Jessica suggests the Trump administration can do right away that would positively impact businesses.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The strategies and tactics that are being considered for “repeal and replace”.
  • How the appointment of Dr. Price as new Secretary of HHS will impact the “repeal and replace” discussion.
  • How Dr. Price’s “Empowering Patients First Act” will meld into any new plans.
  • Whether selling across state lines is a practical idea in today’s environment.
  • The strategies in place to address the main cost drivers on the supply side.
  • How regulatory changes can be made without eliminating effective provisions that are working well.

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