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22 Feb 2015

Ep #46: Using Retirement Plan Data To Target Benefits Prospects – With Mark Smith

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Today on The ShiftShapers Podcast, the founder and CEO of MiEdge, Mark Smith, returns to the show to continue our conversation about Big Data. In this episode, Mark focuses on the use of retirement plan data to create opportunities and deliver value to prospects and clients.

Mark describes new ways that benefit advisors can easily visualize potential prospect relationships from massive amounts of publicly-available data. We also discuss how you can interface your data findings with LinkedIn to help create offensive and defensive strategies that deepen and strengthen existing client relationships.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The type of information the government collects.
  • How this data can be used to play offense and defense.
  • How large the data set is.
  • How employers react to this type of research.
  • Whether it is easy to see the relationships by just looking at the data.
  • The important data points for advisors.

Featured On The Show:
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