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21 Dec 2014

Ep #37: Don’t be Sony! Secure Your Communications – With Peter Schaub

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Today on ShiftShapers podcast, we welcome Peter Schaub, president and CEO of NeoCertified. Peter is our go-to subject matter expert for learning about email encryption and security solutions. With the news of last week’s hack attack on Sony it is a great time for your practice to take some simple steps that secure your email communications.

We discuss the tools and techniques used by all sizes of businesses. Surprisingly for such a complex problem, there are simple solutions that you can apply today! Peter delves into the intricacies of secure email, how it works and why benefit advisors should use it. He will also discuss the legal requirements for securing your client and prospect communications.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How and why Peter got into secure email applications market.
  • What other industries require secure email.
  • Whether all communication need to be secure.
  • How vulnerable the information is that is sent electronically.
  • How to use secure email as a differentiator with clients.

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