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11 Jan 2015

Ep #40: Shorten Your Sales Cycles For Maximum Productivity – With Ryan Pinney

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In today’s on-demand market, clients are looking for progressively faster solutions to their problems. So how do we, as benefit advisors, keep up with the times? Our guest on this episode has just the solution.

Ryan Pinney is VP of Sales & Marketing at Pinney Insurance Center. He is an innovator and expert at using technology to drive insurance business and shorten sale cycles.

We invited Ryan to talk about how the sales funnel has evolved in light of technological advances as well as the importance of speeding up the sales and delivery cycles. We also discuss the tools benefit advisors should equip themselves with in order to compete electronically in today’s market. Tune in to this value-packed episode to find out what you can do to get started!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Ryan’s life insurance practice experience and technology is applicable in all areas of the business.
  • How far behind insurance sales professionals are in technology.
  • The tools that advisors need to have in their arsenal to compete electronically.
  • What the sales funnel looks like today.
  • Why devices don’t matter.
  • What life insurance sales in China can teach us here in the USA.

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