Forbes Magazine called our guest, David Contorno, “One of America’s most innovative benefits leaders.” So, what’s he up to and what tools, techniques and strategies is he bringing his clients? We discuss why the “old way” just isn’t working and how this leads employers to a dilemma. We also explore whether the advisor community is moving to a completely different delivery model.

David explains why talking to the C-Suite is the way to provide 21st-century advice to clients. We chat about how rationing of care has changed and how it has moved the industry and what questions advisors need to ask their clients. (Spoiler alert: those questions are VERY different than the traditional conversation).

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why the old way isn’t working when it comes to the way we deal with benefits
  • The employee benefits see-saw and what that means to their well-being
  • Rationing of care and why it’s a real problem
  • Is CDHP a real thing that makes a real difference
  • The role of real ROI and what questions we need to ask

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