A client called to tell Jennifer Borislow that two employees who were away on vacation had an accident and informed her that one died, one has serious injuries. The client asked for help and Jennifer soon learned that because the employees were young and had not done much – if any – advance planning, sorting through all of the challenges for them and their families would become a very complicated matter. Founder of Borislow Insurance, Jennifer reflected on how to keep this from happening to others and she and two agency specialists wrote a new book, If I Had Only Known.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why this book at this time?
  • What steps can employees (and others) take today?
  • How to assemble and coordinate a team of professionals.
  • Why making personal wishes known is key.
  • What documentation and plans need to be in place – and how to do that.
  • Taking care of the caregivers is also keenly important.

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