This week, our subject matter expert Daniel Wells, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Endeavor Plus, joins us to discuss emerging trends in consumer-directed health care plans. We investigate what’s working well, what can work better, and the tools available that will help self-insured consumers make effective decisions about their health care options.

Join us as Daniel shares his takes on the overall state of consumer-directed health care plans. We also discuss why the network-driven, fully-insured marketplace is no longer sustainable. As an alternative, the outcome-based reimburse model may offer solutions that commercial insurance providers can leverage to increase medicare reimbursements and make more money.

Daniel explains how and why the recent election may force a pivot by insurance providers to an outcome-based reimbursement model. We wrap up the conversation by discussing his predictions on just how the initiatives in a President Trump administration will impact the way consumers approach their health care decisions.

It’s been said that when you engage consumers by their wallets, their hearts and minds will follow. Daniel’s expertise in driving health care related behaviors in a direction that saves money and improves the consumer experience will be a valuable insight for advisors.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Whether CDHP Plans are working or not.
  • What the burden of consumer education will be if reference-based pricing becomes more widespread.
  • Trends on the horizon concerning networks.
  • Whether selling across state lines is actually a significant cost saver in the consumer marketplace and which groups most benefit from this concept.
  • Whether the network-driven fully insured marketplace is viable for groups.
  • Various ways HSAs might expand.

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