In this episode we are pleased to welcome Von Burba of IAG to the program. Von is a seasoned insurance professional who saw companies in the large group market shifting to payroll services and discovered the opportunity to shape that shift into a new conduit point for delivering employee benefits.

Tune in as Von shares his story of how he shaped his business to adjust to the shift in the benefits market and his optimistic outlook on what ACA brings to the table. Learn how he is able to create lasting relationships with clients in the post-ACA world that he views as a great opportunity for brokers today.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How a shift to seeking larger groups facilitated the shaping of Von’s marketing.
  • The critical role of technology in facilitating this shift.
  • How brokers can build their book in this non-traditional market.
  • How ACA complexity created an opportunity to open doors in this vertical.
  • Why multi-year employer strategies are a key part of developing relationships in a post-ACA world.
  • How ACA will begin the critical shift from employer to employee responsibility and allow employers to redefine their roles.

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