This week on ShiftShapers, Paul Gable, President of IBX, lends his expertise on technology tools in the benefits industry to the discussion. Benefits advisors are being challenged to meet the demand of delivering a higher quality of service with more efficiency to remain profitable. Paul highlights the affordable resources available to help small and mid-sized agencies recapture efficiencies in their businesses and thus save money.

Paul points out that most agencies waste time with inefficient processes. Two-thirds of an advisor’s time is routinely consumed with non-client facing or back-office administrative duties. When these processes are restructured, advisors can spend more time with clients.

The cost of basic customer relationship management tools available can be financed in a variety of ways that make them affordable for a wide range of agencies – regardless of size. Paul highlights how advisors can best take advantage of the off-the-shelf products available and what you need to know to evaluate potential vendors.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why advisors need to create operational efficiencies.
  • The percentage of an advisor’s time that is actually spent selling.
  • The steps needed to creating effectiveness at lower cost and with a higher return.
  • What a CRM is and how it differs from an Agency Management System.
  • The opportunities to automate the RFP process in a way that delivers higher sales percentages.

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