Mark Gaunya and Jennifer Borislow continue their discussion from last episode about why healthcare is so expensive and share their ideas to slow rising prices. With the release of the second edition of their book Bend the Healthcare Trend, Mark and Jennifer are advocating for consumer-driven healthcare as the solution to rising expenses.

In analyzing the healthcare system, inflation greatly outpaces the general economy. Our guests explain why the industry’s prices rise so much faster than those of other industries, largely due to a lack of transparency or tangible competition.

Opportunity will grow from greater industry transparency and responsibility, as consumers will save money and maintain better health. We need to look beyond physical health and appreciate mental, spiritual, and financial health as well.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The three essential principles of healthcare’s oncoming trend: Transparency, Responsibility, and Opportunity.
  • Why healthcare is the only industry where consumers don’t shop around.
  • What opportunities flow from responsibility and transparency.
  • The difference between wellbeing and wellness.
  • Why there has been an uptick in interest around self-insured plans. 
  • How companies of all shapes and sizes can approach a self-funded health plan, and how an advisor can approach that conversation.

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