Jonathan Anders, the Executive Vice President for Business and Corporate Development at HealthJibe, joins us on the program this week. HealthJibe is a tool for modern internet-connected devices that helps consumers stay on top of their well-being and physical health.

On this episode, Jonathan shares his insight into how internet-connected devices are going to start shaping the health and wellness profiles in the post-ACA world. Find out how consumers are currently using tools like HealthJibe to incorporate health risk management and prevention into their daily digital routines.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What “The Internet of Things” is and why it matters in healthcare.
  • How our  digital routines and can be used to foster wellness.
  • Whether the devices like FitBit and Google’s contact lens glucometer are the way of the future for digital health and wellness.
  • The effects of PPACA  on the evolution of Web 2.0 devices and individualism in wellness.
  • Why brands like HealthJibe choose to focus on metabolic syndrome.

Featured On The Show:

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