Our guest believes there is an “old way” and a “new way” to create opportunities and help clients with LTC. Which is the best way? Listen in.

Jesse Slome is Executive Director at the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance. We asked him whether LTC was dead or alive and his answer may surprise listeners. We explore what happened to the first wave of LTC carriers and talk a bit about the recent divestiture and acquisition some major carriers have made.

Are so-called combination products, which provide both life and LTC insurance the wave of the future or are pure-play LTC products still available and appropriate for clients? Jesse talks about how to position these new plans and how to deal with underwriting. Finally, we discuss different practice models to see which might be the best fit.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • If LTC is dead, alive or just misunderstood.
  • What happened with the first wave of carriers and products.
  • What the recent wave of LTC book sales means for advisors.
  • Why combo-products may be the wave of the present and the future.
  • What opportunities there are to move forward and improve in this area.

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