Today, we welcome the founder and CEO of, Mark Smith, to ShapeShifters. The miEdge application is an affordable and easy to use service that combines an intuitive interface to a database and search engine of Department of Labor Health/Welfare Employee Benefits information.

I invited Mark to the show to discuss how data can be an effective prospecting and service tool while also serving as a differentiator for benefits advisors. Tune in to learn how the miEdge system helps level the playing field by making even the “average” benefits advisor a subject mater expert, able to tailor client solutions based on their unique datasets.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What “Big Data” is and why it matters.
  • How data can be a differentiator for advisors.
  • How data can be used in prospecting.
  • Whether  this is accessible to the “average” advisor.
  • Why DOL datasets are not practical for the average person to use.
  • How advisors can use data to help clients.

Featured On The Show:

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