Private exchanges are evolving into a “version 2.0, Health Care As A Service” model. In this week’s interview, we chat with Taylor Pechacek of Maxwell Health, a company that had its beginnings in wellness. Today, the company is changing its focus and is helping to shape the employee experience by shifting the way employees can shape their personalized healthcare dynamic and elect and manage a much wider range of benefits in a year-round private exchange setting.

In today’s environment, employees want to to expand and personalize their benefits experience. Beyond access to their usual medical, vision, dental and possibly ancillary coverage, they want to select from things like childcare services, legal and identity theft plans, wearable activities, sleep monitoring and rewards programs.

I invited Taylor to discuss how benefit advisors can increase their value proposition and differentiate themselves from others with some of the new tools available. Listen in to learn how to harness this evolving trend and use it to bring a new conversation to your prospects and clients.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Maxwell Health’s beginnings in the Wellness space.
  • How they are expanding what health care insurance is today.
  • What a “personalized health care dynamic” is.
  • How benefit advisors discuss this new model with prospects and clients.
  • Whether user experience is the new differentiator.
  • Why the benefits continuum is a 12-month a year process; not just an open-enrollment period process.

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