In our visit with, Eric Parmenter (National Leader of Value-based Care at Collective Health) we discuss a little-known metric that research proves correlates positively with growth. The Net Promoter Score has been used in other industries for more than 10 years, but despite its simplicity and effectiveness, it has not been widely applied in our industry.

The best part of this predictive metric is that it only requires that you ask one simple question. While the question may be “simple”, the psychology behind it is anything but. Listen and learn more about this powerful index. We also discuss some thoughts from Eric’s book about reducing stress and enhancing joy!

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What is a Net Promoter Score
  • What is the research behind the Score
  • How clients divide into three significant cohorts
  • Why the Score positively correlates with growth
  • Why a one-question survey beats anything else – if you use the right question
  • Some thoughts on reducing stress and finding joy in your work and personal life

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