The concept of patient advocacy isn’t new, but current trends are shining a spotlight on the growing need for this critical service.

Forty years ago, Anne Llewellyn was a hospital-based nurse. She has seen every aspect of care up close – including a stint as a patient herself. Over that time she has developed a deep understanding and a passion for patients to have the help of an advocate who can help them navigate the incredibly complex medical landscape.

In this episode, Anne discusses how the need has grown and why she and other colleagues are pushing for standards and certification for patient advocates. There is more to the patient experience than the treatment alone. Learn how having an advocate puts patients at the center of the healthcare universe.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The definition of patient advocacy and how it’s different from case management.
  • Tools and resources that both patients and advocates need.
  • What it means to put patients at the center of the healthcare universe.
  • Why it’s so important to have patient advocate standards and certifications.
  • What Anne predicts as the future growth track of the patient advocacy movement.
  • How patients can find advocates.

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