Is a PBM a gatekeeper and whose interests are they serving?

Renzo Luzzatti is an expert on how and why pharmacy costs are growing at an exponential rate and driving an ever-more significant portion of claims spend. He explains that there are multiple vantage points to consider if benefit advisors and fiduciaries are to gain a good overall understanding of the problem and its possible solutions.

We explore the rebates shell game and learn how advisors can arm themselves to make better recommendations to prospects and clients. The conversation also spotlights the starting line for this problem – the physician’s prescription pad and discusses who, if anyone, is educating the physician.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What is driving pharmacy spend to such high levels.
  • Whether PBMs have an inherent conflict of interest.
  • The current role of the PBM and what that role should be.
  • Who’s educating physicians about pharmacy costs, choices, and efficacy.
  • The meaning of “specialty pharmaceuticals” and why they are being approved at a faster rate.
  • Potential solutions for fully-insured plans.
  • What advisors need to know.

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