It often seems as though the world of employee benefits is exempt from many of the forces that impact other industries. Kara Trott, Founder & CEO of Quantum Health, knows that is not true, and that much of what happen in other industries – especially retail sales – can help us to improve our industry and the client experience we provide.

We invited Kara to share her experience with using strategies from retail store design and product intercept to help lower healthcare costs and improve experience. She also talks about how these strategies apply to managed care companies, insurance companies, and patients. Kara believes that today’s consumers often feel like Dorothy, dropped into the land of Oz: confused, disoriented by a consumer experience unlike any other and with a multitude of simultaneous decisions for which they are unprepared.

She shares the lessons she has learned and techniques you can master to make those clients feel like they are back in Kansas again.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Her journey from retail and commercial enterprise to the health industry.
  • Strategies and lessons learned from Citibank, Ford, Walmart and Kmart.
  • Where disconnects happen.
  • Why today’s consumers feel like Dorothy, dropped into Oz.
  • The widely-held theory that the physician is at the center of the trust relationship.

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