In may practices and organizations, the laser focus on strategy overshadows another critically important component of business – our culture. Rick Bauman, our guest for this episode, will explain why culture defines your organization, and drives brand, customer satisfaction and has a direct correlation to productivity. In an age where differentiation is a huge challenge for many organizations, culture is perhaps the biggest differentiator of all.

Rick Bauman is a serial entrepreneur, and the founder and head coach of Intellectual Capital Coaching Corporation. I invited Rick to speak about culture, where it comes from, how it’s created and why it’s critically important to individual practices and organizations alike. Join us to learn how to understand, define and sharpen your culture to deliver superior results.

At the end of the interview, learn how to get a free copy of Rick’s Cultural Engagement Assessment Tool which will help you create a starting point for improving your culture. This is a special exclusive offer for ShiftShapers listeners.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What culture is exactly.
  • How culture is created within organizations.
  • Whether culture can be measured.
  • The correlation between engagement and profitability.
  • The importance of giving feedback to your employees.

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