Today’s advisors are being asked to do more . . . and often – with less. Can a CRM help increase your effectiveness along with your practice’s efficiency?
Commission compression, client expectations of broader and deeper service levels and an ever more complex industry have all put pressure on benefit advisors. In many practices, this has had a significant effect on profitability. On this episode of ShiftShapers we explore the wide world of CRM systems. With a little bit of work, the right system can help your practice stay focused while delivering better service.
Ryan Pinney, President of Insureio, joins us on this episode to talk about how new CRMs targeted specifically at insurance agents, advisors, and other professionals are changing the practice management landscape. A great CRM can save you from spending the bulk of your time managing client data rather than engaging with clients themselves.

Ryan talks about how some of the most successful agents have been adopting new technologies for the past decade, giving them a leg up. We discuss how the average age of agents in the insurance industry affects our willingness to integrate new technologies into our practices, and what to look for in a CRM if you’re new to the tech.

CRMs can help you maximize your sales time, keep up with clients, and prospect more effectively. Ryan describes several different CRMs and the rules-based software you can use to streamline your entire selling process. We also touch on why you must get a CRM that is explicitly secure enough for HIPAA guidelines.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why many salespeople only spend 40% of their time selling (when they should be spending 70-90%).
  • How operational change has been slower to effect the sales cycle than other aspects of the business.
  • How agents or advisors can begin putting their existing business onto a CRM.
  • The pros and cons of cloud-based CRMs and hardware-based CRMs.
  • The essential security questions you must ask before choosing a CRM to ensure that clients’ data is as secure as possible.

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Today, I am very pleased to welcome Mark Gaunya of Borislow insurance onto the very first episode of The ShiftShapers Podcast. Mark and I are longtime friends, and his ability to bend the trend of health care and adjust to the current of his business is unparalleled

When Mark joined Borislow Insurance nine years ago, he was really able to help them revolutionize the way that they were doing business. Mark is joining us to share some of his valuable insight on how they have been able to adjust to the changing landscape of health care over the past several years. Don’t miss it!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How Mark became involved with Borislow Insurance.
  • How they cultivated an atmosphere of health and wellness, and how it influenced their client relationships.
  • The structural changes that they were able to make within the organization and how that impacted the future of their business.
  • Relationships are the currency that we trade, and they can make or break our businesses.
  • How Mark and his team have adjusted to Massachusetts health care reform laws.

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