The-Shift-Shapers-Podcast-(Rough-Comp-2)On this episode of ShiftShapers, we’re pleased to welcome Sally Poblete, the CEO of Wellthie, to discuss how consumer expectations are influencing technology trends in the health care industry. Since everyone from millennials to baby boomers is eagerly adopting tech tools and mobile devices to manage their daily affairs, it stands to reason that consumers would gravitate toward tools that simplify their health care decision-making process.

Sally shares why she believes the eCommerce movement in health care upon us. Benefit advisors who embrace technology can play an integral role helping their clients make the best decisions. She provides tips for advisors looking for obvious starting points to incorporate technology as they seek to connect with a broader audience.

A recent study found that only 14% of consumers are proficient regarding their ability to make health care decisions. Useful software tools are being developed. Savvy advisors will position themselves to help consumers bridge the knowledge gap. Sally shares what advisors should know and how they can adequately prepare to address that need.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Sally’s background and how that lead to her current career.
  • An explanation of the retailization of health care markets.
  • How benefit advisors can encourage health care engagement vs avoidance.
  • The level of health care knowledge within the general population.
  • The transition away from spreadsheets as advisors embrace technology to better serve clients.
  • How millennial consumer behavior will impact health care decision-making trends.

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