Bret Brummitt, Managing Partner at AG Insurance Agencies and a thought leader in our business, believes that the two greatest things that have happened to our business are “Obamacare and Zenefits.” If that seems counterintuitive, listen in to hear Bret explain how those two things have shaped some of the transformative steps now taking place in the industry.

We explore the role technology is and will play as the future unfolds. But Bret believes that we also need to rethink the offering, the approach, the compensation structures and more.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Why products are never as good as the demo and how to work around that.
  • How the entire transaction is being reshaped.
  • The key competencies future agencies will need to exhibit.
  • Whether the KPIs have changed and what really matters.
  • The importance of alternate revenue streams and alternate compensation models.

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