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12 Jul 2021

Ep #365: The DPC Model Is Hitting Specialties Now – with Mary Talley Bowden, M.D.

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This week’s episode features a conversation with Mary Talley Bowden, M.D., an ENT from Houston, Texas and mother of 4 boys. After experiencing first-hand how traditional, insurance-driven practice models work against patients, Mary decided that she would innovate the patient experience in her own practice. By blending wellness and ENT, she has created a service that has vastly improved her patient satisfaction and catapulted her business to greater heights.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • 02:20 Mary’s frustrations with the traditional practice model
  • 05:03 Starting a practice and improving patient experience
  • 08:41 Mary’s wellness innovations to create patient-centric service
  • 16:18 Surgery is not the first option, it is the last resort
  • 18:26 Experiencing pushback with going cash-only basis


03:36 “I loved my physician but I hated the process. So I decided, if I go back, I’m not going to be beholden to insurance companies. I’m going to approach patient care with a more customer-friendly approach.”

10:04 “I don’t have a EMR, an electronic medical records. I hate those things because all it is people checking a bunch of boxes so they can get reimbursed by insurance at a higher rate.I take my own history and then I write a little note in the computer afterwards.”

12:53 “One of the key things I do that no other ENTs do is something called sinus therapy and it’s based off of what they do for patients with cystic fibrosis for their lungs called chest percussion therapy.”

17:08 “For me, I want to make sure that patient, before they get an operation, everything has been explored because surgery will not cure inflammation. So I really make a point of surgery being the last resort.”

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