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07 Feb 2016

Ep #96: Is “Transparency” the New “Throw Away” Word? – With Rick Perryman

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At the recent Ascend! conference in Nashville, we caught up with Rick Perryman, National Practice Leader for Trendshift. We discuss a wide range of subjects and spotlight the key data elements and themes that advisors need to be aware of to help clients manage their plans.

Join us to discover why Rick believes that “transparency” is the new “throw away word” in the benefits arena and what “fiduciary level transparency” is.  We also discuss the distinction between data warehousing and “real-time data”. Rick also helps us to understand how some vendors game plans and what plans and plan sponsors can stop those practices that add unnecessary cost and complexity – all in an effort to drive down costs.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Whether transparency is the new “throw-away word.”
  • What “fiduciary level transparency” is.
  • How to eliminate vendor gamesmanship.
  • What the client conversations look like once savings opportunities are realized.
  • What real time data is and how it differs from data warehousing.
  • Where population health plays into better fiduciary decision making.

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