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25 Oct 2015

Ep #81: Transparency Without Clarity Is Like A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes – With Robin Gelburd

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On this week’s episode of ShiftShapers, we’re excited to be speaking with Robin Gelburd, president of FAIR Health, a national independent non-profit organization that’s currently doing some interesting and effective work around the broad subject of pricing and transparency.

They have recently released a must-read study for anyone in the benefits field titled “Understanding Consumer Health Insurance Preferences” (use our SPECIAL OFFERS link on the right to download the entire study).   Robin joins us today to talk about the study and to discuss why she believes that transparency without clarity is like a sink full of dishes.

We will explore some of the most interesting findings of the study, such as how and why certain constituencies access care in different locales. We also explore common misconceptions consumers have about pricing and what they find most important when choosing a healthcare plan. You won’t want to miss  this informative episode.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What FAIR Health and their mission are all about.
  • Significant differences in trends with diverse demographic groups.
  • Whether it is surprising that consumers find health care costs higher than imagined.
  • The most important factors to consumers when selecting a plan.
  • The recommendations that the survey suggests.

Featured On The Show:

  • Understanding Consumer Health Insurance Preferences” Study –
    get your copy by clicking the SPECIAL OFFERS link in the right-hand column

Listen To The Full Interview:


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