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06 Dec 2015

Ep #87: Supercharge Your Benefits Practice with Video Marketing – With Bart Camarata

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Occasionally on ShiftShapers, we delve into different modes that advisors are using in order to help them market their ideas and their practice. Today, we’re covering one of those tools that’s becoming increasingly popular and more adopted by the industry with great success – video marketing.

On this episode, we invited a subject matter expert, Bart Camarata, creator and host of BenefitAdvisor TV, to discuss how advisors and agencies can use video in a variety of ways to help market their practices.

Listen in as Bart shares his thoughts on why he believes the video is the “King of All Media” and explains how simple it can be for advisors to get started with that medium. We also discuss different ways benefits advisors can use video in their business and how it can help them achieve social proof in today’s market.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The immediate advantage of video.
  • Whether video marketing is just a “carrier thing.”
  • How advisors can start using video.
  • Whether you need a huge budget.
  • How video can help you achieve social proof.

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