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09 Aug 2015

Ep #70: Voluntary Benefits, Part 2: The Large Group Market – With Frank Doherty and Brian Jund

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On this second part of our look at the voluntary benefits, we invited Frank Doherty and Brian Jund, Co-founders of National Benefit Partners, to the ShiftShapers podcast to discuss their particular area of specialization – the large group market.

Join us to discover how the large groups have used voluntary benefits in the past and how new benefits are coming to market. We also explore how PPACA has accelerated the interest in voluntary products as a key part of an employer’s overall benefit strategy.

Frank and Brian discuss some of the innovative, non-traditional, solution-based offerings in the VB space that have come to the forefront in the recent years. We also explore the hurdles consultants have to overcome when having effective conversations with clients and prospects and the key role technology plays in the implementation process.

Don’t miss this in-depth look at the similarities as well as the key differences in voluntary benefits offerings, technology and marketing in the large group segment.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The large group voluntary benefit offerings of the past.
  • Whether the large employers have been at the forefront of voluntary benefits.
  • How PPACA has impacted the interest in voluntary benefits.
  • Some of the newer, innovative benefits being offered.
  • The role of technology in successful large group voluntary sales and implementations.
  • Whether the large group compensation is structured differently than small group.

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