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02 Aug 2015

Ep #69: Voluntary Benefits, Part 1: The Small And Mid Market – With Matt Boeshore and Gail Stark

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For many advisors, voluntary benefits have gone from being a specialty area to being an integral part of their everyday businesses. Others are finding VB something they want to become a key part of their business. On this first of our two-part series on voluntary benefits, we invited Matt Boeshore and Gail Stark of eVolve Marketplace to talk about this exciting benefits area, specifically for small to mid-size markets.

Matt and Gail discuss what the voluntary benefits marketplace looked like just a few years ago and how it has evolved in the recent years. We discuss the key role of technology and what benefits advisors need to know to be able to have that VB conversation with employers. We also explore some of the newer, more uncommon benefits being offered and discuss the impact PPACA has had this fast-growing area.

Next week, we will look at the similarities and the key differences in offerings, technology and marketing in the large group segment.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How voluntary benefits have changed in recent years.
  • How PPACA has changed advisor’s perspective on voluntary benefits.
  • Some of the newer additions to the voluntary benefits offerings.
  • What advisors need to know to have that first voluntary benefit conversation with a prospect or client.
  • The role of technology plays and whether it is a differentiator or just table stakes.

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