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08 Mar 2015

Ep #48: What Do Employers Expect From Benefits Advisors? – With Michelle Jackson

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A recent survey provided a glimpse into what employers want from their benefit advisors. The results offer a roadmap for savvy advisors to tailor their services to match up to those market expectations. What tools and techniques are needed to bridge that gap? That’s the question we asked Michelle Jackson, Senior Product Director at Zywave.

Michelle is a subject matter expert whose role at her company requires her to be a step ahead of advisor needs and broker trends. Market changes have driven employers to want more from their advisors. Advisors are balancing time constraints, the need for increased, in-depth, specific market, claim and plans knowledge in a lower commission environment.

Michelle believes that for advisors who can harness information and technology, the future seems especially bright. Join us to learn how you can match your client’s expectations and deal with your daily practice challenges. For a free copy of the 2014 Broker Services Survey, click the link below.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Insights from 2014 Broker Services Survey.
  • The gap between what employers want and what advisors are delivering today.
  • Why advisors need expertise across an incredibly wide range of regulatory programs.
  • How market segmentation impacts what employers want.

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