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28 Dec 2014

Ep #38: What If Doctors Bid On Your Medical Care? – With Chris Hobbs

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In this episode we are speaking with Chris Hobbs, CFO at MediBid. As a Canadian who immigrated to the United States, Chris brings an interesting perspective on healthcare delivery – mainly the payment for healthcare. He believes that the Traditional PPO model is broken and that consumers need to know more than whether or not their provider is in-network before making provider and treatment choices. With that in mind, MediBid has shaped a new paradigm where physicians bid on non-emergent health care, often with dramatically lower costs and better outcomes.

We invited Chris to talk about why the post-ACA environment has exacerbated a long-standing problem that is ripe for non-traditional solutions. He believes that consumers should be able to make provider and procedure decisions using the same kind of tools available to them in nearly every other consumer arena. We discuss the types of quality metrics and tools the benefit advisors need to be aware of and what types of plan designs can benefit from such a service.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Chris’s background.
  • Why the traditional PPO model is broken.
  • The effect of ACA on the healthcare payment models.
  • Why quality metrics are important decision tools.
  • The importance of transparency in healthcare pricing.
  • What types of plans are best for this type of service

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